Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly? (All You Need To Know)

Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly? (All You Need To Know)

Happy to report that the majority of Hobby Lobby locations welcome pets! Despite the fact that some Hobby Lobby locations might not welcome you and your pet to shopping with you due to local laws, their location, or even the manager’s preferences, in general, pets are welcome.

How can you tell if your neighborhood Hobby Lobby welcomes pets? Check the store locator, then call the Hobby Lobby nearby and ask. When you bring your store, you’ll be more assured and you’ll avoid any awkward situations when you first enter the store. The shopping trip will go more smoothly for you and your pet because your pet will be able to sense your assurance.

Check out the guidelines for bringing pets below if you intend to bring your pet with you when you visit Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby Pet Policy

On the Hobby Lobby website, there is no mention of the official pet policy. Dogs ARE typically permitted in their stores, despite the fact that there is no official pet policy, according to the lovely Angie we spoke with when we howled at their national customer service line. Call ahead as it depends on management at each venue whether dogs are allowed. Make sure Buddy is acting professionally; if not, you may be asked to leave.

How to Make Your Hobby Lobby Trip With Your Dog a Success

What to Pack

Bring a 6-foot fixed leash or shorter. If you want to keep your dog close to you and avoid the possibility of him knocking over merchandise or charging other customers, leave the retractable leash at home.

Bring a cart mat with you. You should bring a mat or blanket for your dog to sit on if they will be riding in the shopping cart. Without something under his paws, a dog in a cart runs the risk of getting a paw caught in the base of the cart. (I once had to crawl under a cart to push a yelping dog’s paw up through the cart to assist a woman in getting it free. Don’t risk this!)

Bring poop bags. Be ready to pick up any debris and clean the area right away if there is an accident.

Bring some additional tasty treats. In your pocket or dog walking bag, tuck a few really tasty treats. You might not need them unless you intend to conduct training exercises while shopping, but if your dog becomes utterly distracted by an unexpected noise, you can use these treats to draw their attention back to you.

During the Trip

Before going into the store, stop for a short while. Even if your dog went before you left the house, give him one more chance to go potty before you enter the store.

Your dog should remain by your side. Put your dog in a sit if he isn’t in a shopping cart when you stop to look at items in a store.

Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly? (All You Need To Know)

Tips for a Hobby Lobby Visit With Pup

Keep Pup Leashed Or in Cart

Keep your dog in a cart or on a short leash while you’re shopping. Make sure he doesn’t bother any customers (aside from his devoted followers). A small fry will enjoy watching everything from his perch if you have one. He could perhaps choose the material for a fresh shopping cart liner. Who would have thought that shopping could be so cozy?

Pssst—our special patio leash is a little shorter to keep your dog by your side and clips to the table if you’re heading out for brewskis after a big day of shopping.

Take a Potty Break

It’s simple to lose hours in the wonder of a craft store. Before entering the store, make sure your dog (and you) have a bathroom break. It’s strongly discouraged to lift legs and leave logs inside. Carry the necessary equipment to clean up the mess in case of an accident.

Pack Treats and Toys

Mastiff-like sounds and smells can be found all over Hobby Lobby. Because of her stress, Fren might not behave as well as usual. Have treats on hand to occupy your dog if there is any disturbance. Bring a toy to lessen your likelihood of having to buy every soft and stuffy biteable at Hobby Lobby.

Summary: Confirm In Advance

Before you and your creative supervisor visit your neighborhood Hobby Lobby, be sure to give them a call. Various stores may have different pet policies. Before starting the crafting adventure of your pet’s dreams, if they do allow dogs, read our advice. Simply ensure that your dog is well-behaved, leashed, or contained safely in a carrier.