How To Screenshot On iPhone 7? Complete Guide

Screenshot On iPhone 7

The ability to take screenshots, or to capture in an image what is currently displayed on the screen on your Apple iPhone 7, is a feature that is essential to modern mobile devices and tablets.

You might be wondering how to screenshot on iPhone 7?

You can take a screenshot of an email and capture an image for a web page. To share something amusing on your iPhone screen with your friends, you can also take a screenshot.

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How To Screenshot On iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus?

Step 1: On your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press the Power or Sleep/Wake button.

Step 2: Press the Home key while doing so.

Step 3: If your iPhone isn’t muted, a single screen blink and a shutter sound will be played to let you know that a screenshot has been taken and saved to your device.

Your iPhone may unintentionally lock itself or launch Siri if the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons are not simultaneously pressed. Therefore, be sure to press them both at once.

Screenshot On iPhone 7

How To Take A Screenshot With Assistive Touch?

You can use Assistive Touch to take a screenshot with one hand if you don’t want to hassle with simultaneously pressing the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons.

Step 1: Assistive Touch must first be enabled. Go to General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch in the Settings app after opening it.

Step 2: Toggle Assistive Touch on.

Step 3: On the same screen, you’ll find an option labelled “Customize Top Level Menu”. Tap on it to open.

Step 4: Pick Screenshot from the list by selecting the Custom button, which is denoted by a star icon.

Step 5: You can now take a one-handed screenshot at any time by tapping the Assistive Touch button, then the screenshot button, after the screenshot option has been added to your Assistive Touch menu.

How To Take A Screenshot On iPhone 7 Via Key Combination?

The key combination used to screenshot an iPhone 7 doesn’t differ significantly from the standard method used to screenshot an iPhone.

Step 1: Go to the screen you want to capture.

Step 2: Hold and press Sleep/Wake button (Power button) and Home button at the exact same time.

Step 3: Then your iPhone will “blink” and you will hear a shutter sound.

Step 4: You can view the captured screen in your Photos App. (Depending on whether you have enabled iCloud Photo Library or not, it could be in either the All Photos Album or the Camera Roll. )

How To View And Share A Saved Screenshot?

Step 1: Open the Photos app.

Step 2: Open the Screenshots album under the Albums tab.

Step 3: The saved screenshot should be at the end of the album if you scroll there. Tap on it to open.

Step 4: To share the screenshot with outside apps, click the share icon, which is depicted as an upward pointing arrow in the bottom left corner.

You only need to do that in order to take a screenshot on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. As you can see, the procedure is consistent with earlier iPhone models.

The new Home button won’t detect any presses if your iPhone freezes or stops working, which is why Apple has replaced their gestures. This is why DFU mode and Hard Reset methods are different. However, in order to take a screenshot, your device must be operational, which means that the Home button must be operable in order to be usable.

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