How To Make A Salami Rose? Step By Step Guide

Salami Rose

One of the newest charcuterie board styling trends is the use of salami roses. It’s just a straightforward way to arrange the salami so that the board has a little something extra. Although it is easily incorporated into any board or grazing table, I used it below on my Christmas Tree Charcuterie board. It sounds like a lot of fun for Valentine’s Day!

The simple instructions on how to make a salami Rose are provided below. You can make a special charcuterie board that will astound and impress your guests using these perfectly formed meat roses!

Why Make Salami Roses?

  • Salami roses are a delicious, simple, and original way to add cold cuts to your cheeseboards. They’ll make your grazing or snack board look better.
  • Once you understand how to make the salami roses, you can use the same method to create smaller pepperoni roses.
  • In order for the salami slices to take on the shape of the glass when you are making the roses, you will need to press and hold them over the glass.

Ingredients Needed

Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and kiwis are just a few of the fresh fruits you can use to create a beautiful charcuterie board, along with a few different gourmet cheeses. You’ve created a masterpiece when you add some vegetables, nuts, jam, and olives!

  • Salami: You’ll need 20 to 30 slices of thin-cut salami, depending on the size of your wine glass.
  • Glass: I used a goblet that was 3″ in circumference, which required four slices to cover the entire rim of the glass, 24 salami slices in total. Another fantastic option is a champagne flute. You will need to adjust the amount of salami used to create a lovely rose depending on the size of the glass you use.
  • Pepperoni: Making little rosebuds with pepperoni is optional but possible.
  • Herbs: You’ll need herb leaves (mint, basil, or sage) to mimic rose leaves if you choose to make pepperoni roses. Rose plant leaves can also be used. They can be eaten, but they’re not particularly tasty.
Salami Rose

How To Make A Salami Rose?

Step 1: Place 4 pieces of salami on a flat surface. Overlap them by a couple of inches. Combine the four pieces to fold them in half. 

Step 2: The folded Salami pieces should be tightly rolled. Roll starting from one side and shaping into a rose shape. The rose will then be held together by inserting the skewer through it.

Step 3: Each side of the flower should have a fresh basil leaf. The baby bell cheese is then placed at the skewer’s end.

Notes: Keep chilled until you’re prepared to serve. Any circle-shaped meat that has been thinly sliced can be used for this, including Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, turkey, and ham.

Tips For Making A Salami Rose

  • Make sure the salami slices are evenly spaced by using a glass that is transparent.
  • The size of the rose depends on the size of the glass. Roses will grow bigger in larger glasses.
  • You must press and hold the salami slices over the glass while creating the roses in order for them to adopt their shape. more so the top few layers.
  • Consider making several different roses to add variety to your charcuterie board. Learn to make the other varieties of roses by watching the recipe video.
  • Wear rubber gloves whenever you prepare a charcuterie board for friends or visitors.
  • Keep the rose on the glass, wrap it in saran wrap, and put it in the fridge if you’re making the roses ahead of time. When you’re ready to add the rose to your board, this will help it maintain its shape.
  • In addition, you can experiment with ham and turkey slices to make your meat rose. If necessary, slice the meat into rounds using a round biscuit cutter.

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How many slices of salami are necessary to create one rose?

A skewer can be used to create a rose out of four slices of salami.

Can I make my roses ahead of time? 

Yes, but be sure to wrap your charcuterie tightly in plastic wrap to prevent drying out.

Do Salami Roses Contain Keto?

With only 1 g of carbohydrates per Rose with Cheese, they most definitely are!

Can I make Salami Roses without a wine glass?

Of course you can; in fact, I think using a skewer to hold the flower together is much simpler.