How To Keep Cockroaches Away At Night? Easy Methods


Having a cockroach crawl across the bed while we are sound asleep is the worst nightmare of many homeowners. Although they don’t bite, roaches can still make people feel frightened and disgusted. How to keep cockroaches away at night?

Use bait traps to entice cockroaches to a poisoned food source if you plan to spend the night in a space with them. Cockroaches can be contained with the help of sticky traps and mechanical traps.

Here are some additional techniques for deterring cockroaches at night.

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What Causes Cockroaches In A Clean House?

In addition to contaminating our food with their waste, roaches have been linked to allergies, asthma, and eczema in some individuals. Of course, they are also capable of spreading a variety of nasty diseases. Cockroaches, unfortunately, can enter even the cleanest of homes. What draws them, and why?


The Presence Of Food

Cockroaches most frequently enter our homes because there is food readily available. These insects are not picky eaters; they will be attracted to almost anything left out on your kitchen counters. As a result, storing all food in locations that roaches cannot access or smell is one of the most effective ways to keep them out of your house.

Cockroaches have a diet very different from ours, so even doing this won’t guarantee success in keeping them away. Beyond regular food, it’s not uncommon for roaches to consume other items that are frequently found in our homes, such as paper, books, cardboard, and even some types of wood. As a result, clearing out clutter is essential to making your home less inviting to cockroaches.

Darkness And Dampness

You might believe that your home is finally free of cockroach infestations after storing all food in the refrigerator or in sealed containers, cleaning all kitchen countertops, and disinfecting the floors. You might also believe that any roaches hiding out will soon die out or leave.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

When left without food, cockroaches can last days or even weeks. They spend this time hiding out in well-protected, dark, damp, and dingy areas of your home. Therefore, even if food is out of their reach, you might still find roaches scurrying around in the basement, garage, garbage bin areas, and generally any other hidden areas of the house.

You might be shocked to learn that roaches depend more on the water than they do on food. In actuality, a cockroach can only survive for a week without water, which is frequently why these creatures enter our homes and are frequently seen in bathrooms.

Roach-infested Items You Bring Into Your Home

Cockroaches rarely stow away in clothing or furniture, in contrast to bed bugs. That said, if cockroaches are found to be living in cardboard boxes or appliances like toasters, microwaves, computers, and video game consoles, a homeowner may unintentionally bring them inside. This is especially true if the questioned items were used or were kept in a location like a garage or a basement.

An Attractive Outdoor Environment

Many homeowners who have roach problems inside don’t think to look outside for roaches to enter. These creatures can find the perfect breeding grounds in the warm, humid corners of your yard. A compost bin, close proximity to leaky outdoor faucets, and densely vegetated areas can all draw roaches to your yard, making it easier for them to get inside your house.

Cockroaches can potentially enter your home for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. While “Why” is an important question, it’s not the only one you have.

Signs You May Have A Cockroach Problem

Check your home for some of the following signs of roach activity. What are some things that might indicate a bigger problem?

Cockroach Odor

There is a distinct oily, musky smell that cockroaches release when there are many of them. Your home is almost certainly infested if you can smell them.

Cockroach Egg Casings

Long and brown roach casings are visible. Any casings you can remove and throw away will help control the roach population because each one contains numerous eggs—up to 50.

Cockroach Feces

These waste products resemble coffee grounds or ground pepper. To see if you can catch any, try setting up sticky traps where you’ve noticed roach droppings.

Roaches During The Day

As was previously mentioned, roaches are more active at night. Therefore, if you see these insects scurrying about in the sunlight, their population has likely increased to the point where some are being ejected from their nests.

How To Prevent Cockroaches At Night?

There are many ways to keep cockroaches out of your bed at night. These are straightforward and simple to implement. Keep in mind that you will need to make some adjustments around your home, which will be advantageous over time.

1: Keep The Lights On—Cockroaches Despise Light!

The effects of sleeping with the lights on while awake are less noticeable, but they do contribute to a decrease in cockroach activity. You will frequently notice fewer roaches crawling around your home when the lights are on because these little creatures are drawn to dark, damp, and moist areas where they would hope to find any food leftovers. In the dark, cockroaches are easier to see.

Similar to how keeping a night light wouldn’t affect or scare away cockroaches because it can’t hurt them. In search of food, they would keep on hunting.

Utilizing ultraviolet light, a specific type of light that drives roaches away is what really makes a difference. It can stop cockroach adults from approaching you and slow down their rate of egg production.

To help keep roaches out of your home, you will need concentrated UV light, though. It is much simpler to have a light close to your bed that covers enough ground to keep cockroaches at bay constantly. You’ll be shocked to learn that some roach species are drawn to light.

2: Use Smell Based Repellents

Using specific smells to deter cockroaches at night is a surefire way to do it.

That cockroaches have a keen sense of smell may surprise you. If they detect even a small hint of a smell they detest nearby, they will practically immediately flee. The fact that roaches detest smells that humans adore is even more surprising. If you don’t believe me, keep reading to find out that it’s true and that it always works.

You’ve probably heard of essential oils, right? These are bursting with essence, and the roaches can smell them from a distance and turn around when they inhale them. These oils include:

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Oregano
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Citrus

By combining one of the aforementioned oils with some water in a spray bottle, you can use it to spray around your bed and other areas where you don’t want cockroaches to congregate. Spray it all over the bed linens and in any corners, you may find.

You can use specific herbs and spices in addition to essential oils to deter cockroaches at night. For instance, the strong smell of bay leaves can be used at night to get rid of roaches. Simply keep a bowl with some bay leaves in it in areas where you don’t want cockroaches to congregate. As for the spices, you can use cinnamon sticks along with some fresh herbs to ensure that no cockroaches wander around you at night.

3: Don’t Leave Food And Water Out At Night

Cockroaches frequently leave their nests in search of food, so leaving food and water out in the open will only increase the likelihood that they will find you. People frequently enjoy eating or snacking while in bed, unaware that doing so invites roaches to join them.

After eating, you should thoroughly clean your room because even if you are not messy, there is still a chance that some food leftovers may be on your bed. Cleaning your mattress will make sure there is nothing to draw roaches in.

4: Clean Properly Before Your Go To Sleep In Your Bedroom

The key, as I’ve already mentioned, is cleaning! Given how obvious it is, you may already know this, but let me assure you that regular cleaning, trash removal, and clutter-free home can quickly reduce cockroach infestation. Cleaning your room will make cockroaches dislike it because they prefer to live in filthy, moist environments.

Additionally, to make sure no debris is left behind, you must carefully vacuum and look everywhere, including behind dressers, appliances, and under beds. Get rid of any small pieces of paper you find lying around the room as well, as the roaches will eventually want those things too.

Using vinegar and water to clean the slabs and counter will also help keep cockroaches out of your kitchen. To prevent roaches from getting inside, you can later drain it in the sink and clean the pipes.

5: Close All Openings In To Your Bedroom

Cockroaches typically emerge from a single crack, big or small, that you might never even notice. It was the same situation with me up until a few years later; I was able to identify the entry point where the roaches used to enter and immediately sealed it.

Although you should be aware that closing the opening may be the best option for permanently keeping cockroaches out, it’s still crucial to identify their exact source. After careful inspection, you can arrive there quickly, though it might take some time. Keep an eye out for these on your doors, ceiling, or any furniture that may be hidden.

You can start the sealing process after you’ve successfully located the crack. Get some caulk and sealant, cover the opening, and wait for it to dry. Soon, you’ll start to notice fewer roaches in your room and start getting some rest.

Will Roaches Crawl On You At Night?

Absolutely Yes, roaches wander all over the houses at night when people are asleep, which makes it most likely for them to crawl at you as well once they consider you as their victim. Though mostly unintentionally, they can bite. Find out more information about cockroach bites here.

What’s worse is that they may even manage to enter your ears, where they may remain for a few days. Asthma sufferers who are allergic to these roaches may experience allergic reactions.

Can I Sleep In My Room With A Cockroach?

What you would do if you caught a cockroach skulking around your bedroom will depend on your reaction. Some people typically find cockroaches repulsive, and the mere thought of them makes them uneasy.

People are sufficiently frightened by the idea that these roaches are able to fly, climb up walls, and even access beds. It merely disrupts your restful sleep and may cause you to stay up late. Not to mention the dangerous diseases they carry, if you want to feel safe and sound throughout the entire night, you shouldn’t let one of these creep around freely in your room.

What To Do If You Spot A Cockroach In Your Room?

Grab a pesticide spray right away if you see a cockroach in your room because it will instantly kill it and you will be able to get rid of it in no time. Generally speaking, a cockroach repellent will work best.

Spray in the corners, moist areas, and dark parts of the room—anywhere you anticipate finding roaches. Before spraying, don’t forget to close any windows because the winds will cause the spray to evaporate quickly. In most cases, cockroaches hide in locations that are relatively simple to find and highly predictable.

If you don’t have a cockroach-repellent spray, you can try this one or try setting up a trap to keep roaches away from you. To catch cockroaches, you can set up a trap with poisoned sugar that will draw them to it and kill them when they eat it. They’ll either be killed by it or at the very least be forced to flee.

When setting up bait for these little monsters, a box trap and a sticky trap both work best.