How To Get A Deeper Voice? Easy Tips To Know

Deeper Voice

Every person has his own ideas about what is important to be a man. For instance, the first impression they give over the phone. And for many men, having a voice that isn’t as deep or “manly” as they believe it should be can make them feel insecure. But how to get a deeper voice? This is a question frequently asked by many people.

While it is not possible to change your voice without medical help, there are several exercises that men can do to speak with a deeper pitch, but how they use them is up to them and their specific goals. Start now if you’re interested!

Does Deep voice Really Help Tp Make You More Of A Man?

Up until recently, the vast majority of marketing from a male perspective relied on the representation of the male voice as being deeper in pitch. A deep voice is frequently associated with manliness and being male. The result is that men want to sound like men in order to conform to the “norm” or the “stereotype,” with a higher pitched voice typically being associated with becoming more feminine.

Naturally, this position is based on the internal logic that assumes it is “good” to be perceived as masculine and that having a voice that is perceived as feminine—or, by extension, as gay—is an inherently negative thing. Even in our supposedly progressive society, this attitude still exists.

Any Connection Between Deep Voice And Success?

Numerous factors can contribute to your professional success, including having a deeper voice. Someone who has a deep voice is noticed. At some point during their career, everyone has dealt with this. If a person has a deep voice, they don’t need to yell at their subordinates. In contrast, they sound like a leader who stands out from the crowd.

To be successful, businesses must possess these strong social skills. Leaders deserve respect and should be paid attention to. It would be difficult for someone without a deep voice to convey this level of respect. Short, crystal-clear, and deep voice narration is preferable when working.

Tips To Get A Deeper Voice

While it is impossible to permanently alter your voice without medical intervention, there are a variety of exercises that men can perform to speak with a deeper pitch, though how they are applied will depend on the individual and their particular objectives. In order to avoid accidentally injuring the vocal folds, Raval advises anyone looking to adjust their tone or vocal register to first seek the advice of a speech therapist or voice coach.

Strengthen Your Neck Muscles

I wanted to start by stating the following because I’ve seen a lot of discussion about it online: this truly does work. It’s actually my favorite approach of all of them.

Two long muscles that extend from behind the ear to the collarbone can be felt if you place your hand on the throat. Your sternocleidomastoids are responsible for pulling on your vocal cords when they are tense, which causes a higher note to be produced. Naturally, as you relax, your voice naturally becomes softer.

Making the neck muscles stronger is one suggested method for accomplishing this. Stronger muscles are better able to meet their daily demands and are therefore less likely to tense up throughout the day. This concept piqued my interest, so I decided to give it a try.

I took a sample of my voice every day at 2 o’clock in the same room and noted the numbers. I selected 2 pm because I wanted the “morning effect” of my voice to have worn off and because I knew I wouldn’t have been drinking at that time. Every other day after the recording, I would perform three sets of 20 crunches, in which I would lie on my bench and slowly nod my head from horizontal to vertical while tucking in my chin, much like you would do a sit-up with your neck.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

It’s possible that your normal breathing pattern has an effect on how you sound when you speak. Try taking a deep breath through your nose, pushing the air all the way in and as far down as you can, and then slowly exhaling while speaking. While you speak, there should be a vibration. You might be able to control your voice pitch by using this method, which is common among actors and singers.

Blowing Bubbles

At some point, all of us have carelessly blown bubbles into a soda or milkshake using a straw. The voice “reset” turns out to be a commonly used technique. The straw technique reportedly stretches and relaxes the vocal cords, according to the National Center for Voice and Speech. It can aid in strengthening your voice and reduce the likelihood that it will become raspy or hoarse.

Drink More Water

This section is much more significant than you might realize, so please don’t skip it. Do you know that your vocal chords’ size plays a role in determining how deep your voice is? Your vocal chords actually get smaller when you are dehydrated. Your vocal chords become thinner and squeaky as a result of the loss of water, which is equivalent to a loss of mass.

A startling fact is that most people are dehydrated. According to a recent study, 75% of Americans consume significantly less than the daily recommended amount, which again results in a majority of people speaking louder than they should.

drink water

Yawning And Sighing

It can help to speak more slowly and aspirated as if through a sigh, to lower your voice’s pitch. You can use the voiced sigh to lower your tone after a protracted yawn. Husky, breathy voices are among the most attractive in men, which is an advantage in this situation.


By warming up your voice with humming, you can exert more control over it. Try inhaling deeply and humming for as long as you can while once more navigating the scales to find a lower tone.


There are three different types of inflection: upward, neutral, and downward. While upward inflection can make every sentence sound like a question, neutral inflection produces a robotic, monotonous manner of speaking. However, if you aim for a downward inflection, you will end the sentence at a lower pitch, which will make your voice sound deeper.

Be More Monotone

People who speak in a monotone voice are more likely to have sex partners than those who don’t. So it’s possible that people assume the singer is also profound because of the monotone voice’s masculinity.

For instance, Clint Eastwood is included on this list. The thing that makes this interesting is that Eastwood doesn’t have a deep voice effect in pitch. He also exhibits a great deal of monotony.

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Scientific Research To Know On A Deep Voice

We already know that voice pitch has an impact on how we select and consider speakers, including political figures. The initial investigation was conducted through two experiments by Cara Tigue and her associates at McMaster University. Digitally adjusting the volume of nine US presidents’ speeches was used to create different tones. Each song’s higher or lower pitched version was given a “vote” by those who participated in the analysis.

67% of the time, people spoke in voices with a lower pitch. In a subsequent study, Tigue and his group substituted six unidentified male voices for well-known ones. It was then prompted to select a high- or low-pitched voice for each combination. Similar to the presidential voices experiment, respondents preferred candidates who spoke more softly. Sixty-nine percent of the participants chose candidates with lower voices.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the trick to permanently deepen your voice, Your voice should be friendly and expressive. Additionally, it should have a wide range of natural pitches so that people can understand you, be easy on the ears, carry well, and be audible.

All of this is not advisable for medical treatment, just to be clear. I trust you to follow these tips without giving yourself an injury。

By being mindful and aware, positioning your body properly, and engaging in voice-deepening exercises, you can make your voice deeper.