How Much Is A Bonsai Tree Cost? 

How Much Is A Bonsai Tree Cost? 

How much a bonsai tree costs typically depends on the size and type of tree species you’re looking for: some bonsais can be as low as $5 while others can cost upwards of $1500!

Costly bonsai plants need specialized care and maintenance. They develop slowly, but it’s rewarding to watch them grow into lovely plants.

What to look for when buying your first bonsai tree is explained in this blog post.

Average Price of a New Bonsai Tree

Using tiny potted trees, bonsai is a form of Japanese art. Penjing, the Chinese art of creatively arranging plants, frequently in a miniature landscape form, is sometimes confused with bonsai. Some trees are passed down to the generation below.

The worth of this living art rises as a result. The pot it is in is another factor that might influence the price. If the vessel is a finely crafted clay bowl from several centuries ago, the bonsai tree will be fairly pricey.

An unformed bonsai tree costs about $25 on average. The cost depends on the type of tree used, but these are frequently made from readily available trees.

Given the availability of trees like ficus, weeping figs, jacarandas, and others, prices will continue to be relatively low. You’ll notice that prices rise if a bonsai jasmine white pine tree is sold.

Cost of the Different Sizes of Bonsai Trees

Cost of Small Bonsai Trees

Small bonsai trees are generally very inexpensive.

For instance, a Chinese Elm Bonsai can be purchased for between $20 and $50, whereas a Japanese White Pine usually costs between $50 and $70.00.

Japanese Hornbeam costs between $40 and $60 while Japanese Black Pine costs around $40.

It is important to note that the cost of these trees can vary depending on where you live and the online retailer you choose to purchase them from.

Cost of Mid Size Bonsai Trees

For between $100 and $300, you can purchase a medium-sized bonsai. For instance, the price of a Red Maple Bonsai can range from $30 to $50 but typically costs around $200. Dwarf Mugo Pine Bonsai are available for about $50.

Chinese elm can cost up to $160, while medium juniper bonsais cost about $100. It is crucial to note that these bonsais are challenging to maintain, so having prior experience in this area is extremely helpful.

The majority of mid-size bonsai can be found for under $300. Compared to Trident Maple, which can cost up to $300, Japanese Black Pine, for instance, sells for about $150.

Cost of Big Bonsais

Budget between $500 and $1500 if you want to buy a larger bonsai tree.

For around $50, for instance, you can buy Golden Gate Juniper. You must spend between $400 and $800 to purchase some bonsai species.

Such plants, such as Japanese White Pine Bonsai, may sell for up to $2500. For this price range, another choice is to purchase a medium-sized bonsai tree. For instance, Shimpaku Juniper costs around $700 while Chinese Elm is priced at $500. Remember that some tree types may vary depending on the size you want to buy.

Cost of An Old Bonsai Tree

The lifespans of the various types of bonsai trees vary. It depends on the species or rootstock, but generally speaking, it takes 10 years to reach maturity, and it will take more than 100 years for your bonsai to appear to be 400 years old.

A few varieties of bonsai trees can live 200, 300, or even 500 years! Expect to spend $500 or more on an old bonsai tree, but be aware that it will be very expensive. Chinese Elm Bonsai, for instance, is worth $500, while Trident Maple can fetch up to $1500.

You can spend anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 on older bonsai trees. Procumbens Juniper, for instance, sells for about $270, and Japanese White Pine is about $150. You will need to spend at least $3K, or even $4K if your budget is higher, on some bonsai varieties because they can be very pricey.

How Much Is A Bonsai Tree Cost? 

Cost of the Different Types of Bonsai Trees

Cost of Deciduous Bonsai Trees

Deciduous bonsais come in a variety of varieties and range in price from $20 to $500. The most common ones cost about $100 for Trident Maple Bonsai and about $60 for Robinia Pagneulosa. For about $200, you can purchase a Chinese Elm or a Japanese Zelkova Bonsai.

Cost of Tropical Bonsais

From $50 to $500, you can purchase a variety of tropical bonsai. As an illustration, while Trident Maple costs at least $100, Ficus Indica Bonsa is only $50. Depending on size, Chinese elm can cost up to $200, while Schefflera or umbrella trees are available for $100.

Cost of Evergreen Bonsais

They are the most expensive variety of bonsai, with prices starting at $200 and rising to $1000. A Juniper Procumbens bonsai tree, for instance, can be purchased for just $200, but if it has deadwood, it will cost you $1,000 or more.

Evergreen bonsai trees come in a variety of varieties, but the most popular are Hinoki Cypress Bonsai, which costs about $1, and Bald Cypress, which costs about $5. These bonsais are all still young.

Factors to Consider That Affect the Price

Tree Species

A tree will cost more to buy if it is a rare species. “Rare” is a bit subjective, but it can be brought down to either a) difficulty in growth b) rare in terms of history & age c) rare in regards to the location, or d) rare in terms of design.

Difficulty of Growth

Some species, like pines or tamarinds, are notoriously difficult to grow, so more work had to be put into promoting their growth, which raised the cost.


This is particularly true for a pre-grown bonsai tree, particularly if you reside in an area where the tree doesn’t naturally grow. As you can imagine, it must have taken a lot of work and perseverance for the tree to grow, so the cost of this will undoubtedly increase.

Age and Provenance (History) of the Bonsai

Some trees are actually hundreds of years old and have been passed down through generations; this will undoubtedly increase the cost. Other trees, like the Atomic Tree, mentioned earlier, have a rich history and have even managed to survive the Hiroshima bombing, making them almost invaluable.

This rule applies to more “normal” trees too. It will cost more to purchase a pre-grown tree the older it is and the more labor someone else puts into it before you.

Design of the Bonsai

Generally speaking, a design’s price will increase with its complexity. There are a few different patterns that bonsai masters can use on their leafy friends, but the Kengai, Han-Kengai, and Ikadabuki are some of the most intricate.

How Much Is A Bonsai Tree Cost? 

Other Costs Associated With Buying a Bonsai Tree

A Bonsai Starter Kit

The cost of bonsai trees is high, but you can purchase a bonsai starter kit to lower the cost of maintaining your tree. Everything you need to care for your bonsai plant is included in these kits.

Such a kit can be purchased for between $10 and $50. Various bonsai kit varieties exist, but the most common ones come with a ceramic pot, wire, soil, and tree.

Fertilizer and Soil

Only natural fertilizers that won’t harm your tree should be used on bonsai trees. The cost can range from $5 to $50, but you should invest in a fertilizer with a 10-15-10 ratio or a similar ratio if you want your bonsai to grow healthily.

Depending on the size of your plant and the cost of the bonsai soil, you might need a few bags. The cost of bonsai soil typically ranges from $20 to $80, but if you opt for a different substrate type, like lava rock or akadama, you can save money.

Bonsai Wire

A specific kind of wire is required for bonsai trees, but you can buy it separately or as part of a kit. The typical price range is $30 to $150, but if you buy a high-quality wire with a soft coating, you might only spend $30.

A Bonsai Growing Kit

You can buy a specific kit that comes with everything you need to grow a bonsai tree if you want to start working with them as a hobby.

Such a kit can range in price from $40 to $150, but if you already have a pot and soil, it will be less expensive.

Summary: Based on Type and Size

The information in the aforementioned article will be helpful if you’re wondering how much one of these miniature trees costs. A decent beginner bonsai (the kind that is simple to maintain) will cost between $30 and $50 for the pot and plant. Although obviously costs vary based on type and size, this should give you a general idea of what they run.

A bonsai tree’s price should be taken into account, but the joy of owning one will last for years and be worth much more than the investment. Today, treat yourself to a bonsai tree and have fun!