11 Best Coffee For French Press 2022: Our Top Picks

French Press

The French press brewing method is effective with coffee beans of all flavor profiles and roast levels. The most crucial thing is simply purchasing gourmet coffee beans that you like, as long as you know how to use a French press properly.

We are constantly searching for the best coffee for French presses. The best coffee for French press should be fresh and coarsely ground. By not tending to float back up when you depress the coffee plunger, coarse grounds help avoid over-extraction, which can result in bitterness.

With something to suit every type of coffee drinker, we offer eight delectable coffees in this article that you can make with your French press. Whether you prefer blends or single origins, decaf or caffeinated coffee, light or dark roasts, decaf or caffeinated, we have a selection that will make a great French press coffee.

Best Coffees List For French Press 

  • 1. Bean Box Subscription: Best Overall
  • 2. Stone Street Coffee Reserve Colombian
  • 3. Sleepy Monk French Roast Sumatran
  • 4. Verena Street Swiss Water Process Coffee
  • 5. Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry
  • 6. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend
  • 7. Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans
  • 8. Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi Whole Bean
  • 9. Lifeboost Medium roast Arabica coffee
  • 10. Waka Medium Roast Colombian Instant Coffee
  • 11. Fabula Coffee Medium Roast

Best Coffee For French Press Review

1. Bean Box Subscription: Best Overall

Bean Box Subscription

The Bean Box coffee subscription might be a great choice if your home is filled with coffee drinkers or if you’re looking for a little luxury. With this subscription service, you receive distinctive, freshly roasted coffee each month. In your preferred roast, you can pick between tiny samples and full bags.

This service has a few distinctive features. In addition to your fresh coffee beans, you’ll get treats, recipes, and fun facts about coffee. The coffee is imported from all over the world, and the packaging is nice enough to give as a gift.

The reviews for the coffee are generally positive, but you should expect to drain your savings. You won’t have to worry about running out of coffee despite the cost of this convenience. We think these are some of the best coffee beans for your French press, whether you’re drawn to the experimentation or the concepts behind the brand.


  • Convenient service
  • Choice of roast level, bag, and grind size
  • Gifts like candy, recipes, and coffee fun facts
  • Interesting, high-quality coffee from all over the world


  • Fairly price

2. Stone Street Coffee Reserve Colombian

Stone Street Coffee Reserve Colombian

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Colombian, another pre-ground option, is coarsely ground and packaged especially for cold or iced coffee. You’ll have company on the bandwagon making its way down Stone Street if you’re addicted to a hydrating cold brew coffee. The flavor is described by fans as being rich, roasty, toasty, and having dark chocolate undertones. This option may be ideal for that long day when you need a fun drink with whipped cream and chocolate chips because it has a permeating aroma and a smooth surrender.

On the other hand, you might not enjoy this cold brew reserve if you don’t like a bite in your cup. This option will hold up if you like to add accompaniments to your coffee, but if you prefer your coffee straight with a softer delivery, it might be too bitter for you.

This brand is devoted to its customers as a Brooklyn-based roaster. Although this option is a little pricey, the customer service might make up for it.


  • Smooth profile
  • Sweet undertones
  • Aromatic


  • Pricey
  • Bitter
  • Acidic

3. Sleepy Monk French Roast Sumatran

Sleepy Monk French Roast Sumatran will not disappoint if the thought of smoky and toasty coffee makes your mouth water. Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters is a charming hidden gem in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and is well-liked by the locals, though it is also gaining popularity outside of the state. Even without Wi-Fi, which is practically unheard of in the world of coffee shops, a line of customers still forms around the building whenever it is open.

This coffee has a smooth profile and velvety texture. When brewed in a French press, the deep tones and full body are brought out. It offers a cup of coffee that is close to being black and typical of a French roast. The beans are very darkly roasted and have a strong flavor despite not being completely scorched. The flavor might surprise you if you’re not a fan of French roasts. The dark zest of this is not for you if your preference is for light or medium roast coffee.

If you do enjoy French roast flavor, you might enjoy the rich caramel flavor of our third choice. Although a bit pricey, it has a flavor that is difficult to forget.


  • Full-bodied
  • Velvet finish
  • Deep flavor
  • Organic certified


  • Slightly pricey
  • Not for mild/medium roast lovers

4. Verena Street Swiss Water Process Coffee

Verena Street Swiss Water Process Coffee

Swiss Water Process Sunday Drive from Verena Street comes to us from a family-run business in Iowa. The brand name is a fond allusion to the street where the owners were raised. This option comes from sustainably managed Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee farms and is naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. These beans have a medium roast and deliver a smooth flavor without any bitterness.

If you have a sensitive stomach, you might not want to choose this option because it is known to be acidic. This decaf will bring you mellow comfort at any time of the day despite being on the milder side of a medium roast.

It is our top choice for the best decaf, despite being a little pricey.


  • Not bitter
  • Smooth profile
  • Delicious aroma
  • Naturally decaffeinated
  • Sustainably sourced


  • Slightly pricey
  • Acidic
  • Mild side of medium

5. Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

Excellent peaberry beans are used to create Volcanica’s Costa Rica Peaberry, a sweet, lively coffee. You can purchase it already ground to the perfect consistency for your French press, which is even better. While we typically don’t suggest buying ground coffee, this is our top pick for the best coarse ground coffee because every coffee geek knows that grinding your own beans is best for the freshest flavor in your cup.

These gourmet beans were produced in shade and have Rainforest Alliance certification. Additionally, they are raised on a single estate at a very high elevation of 5,200 feet.

Despite being described as a medium roast, this coffee is more suited to leisurely sipping. It has a delicate flavor and a mild, citrusy profile. This is not the coffee for you if you want to get your day off to a strong start or speed up the afternoon.

You will pay a little bit more for the convenience of pre-ground coffee because it is an expensive one. However, we think this is one of the best pre-ground coffees for a French press if you like a mild start to your day.


  • Pleasant aroma
  • The mild, citrusy flavor
  • Rare peaberry coffee beans
  • Conveniently pre-ground for your French press


  • Expensive
  • Mild for a medium roast

6. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend has been this company’s flagship beverage for fifty years. It’s a dark roast with a loyal following and a fresh, luscious aroma. For the dark roast lovers on the side of “the stronger, the better,” this blend has a full-body flavor and a kick to match.

This option is anything but mild with its true-to-roast strength. This robust blend will provide the force you require, whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or a morning wake-up boost. With the addition of flavor enhancers, the robust, dark flavor maintains its intensity as a true coffee lover’s brew.

The flavor of this dark roast might not be appealing to you if you prefer a milder roast.


  • Affordable
  • Distinguished aroma
  • Full-bodied flavor
  • Rich, complex profile


  • Too bold for beginners
  • Slightly acidic

7. Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans

The Koffee Kult Colombian Huila will entice the Colombian-loving coffee addict all day long with a seductive aroma that is released as soon as the bag is opened. Strongly chocolate-flavored, with a sweet finish and no bitterness, these beans are a great choice.

Unfortunately, this coffee is said to impart a light-roast flavor that is rather weak, which is bad news for coffee drinkers who enjoy a balanced medium brew. This item’s cost keeps it from being one of our top choices and drops it further down the list. In the event that you don’t like the coffee, you can return it for a full refund.


  • Strong aroma
  • Smooth flavor
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Acidic
  • Muted flavor

8. Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi Whole Bean

Sulawesi Kalossi from Coffee Bean Direct is dark-roasted for a bold profile and comes from Indonesia. The coffee bears the name of the city of Kalossi on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Fascinating trivia: While Arabica makes up 95% of Sulawesi’s coffee crop, Robusta makes up 90% of Indonesia’s.

This option is a light, bright coffee with a smooth finish and a creamy texture. It also has low acidity and berry undertones. This coffee might benefit a sensitive stomach because of its low acidity. It is only offered in a five-pound package but at a slightly higher cost.


  • Creamy texture
  • Smooth finish
  • Low acidity


  • Slightly pricey
  • Five-pound package only

9. Lifeboost Medium Roast Arabica Coffee

Lifeboost Medium Roast Arabica Coffee

These French press beans are grown in the Mountains Of Nicaragua. Life Boost medium roast coarse ground coffee is made with hand-selected beans to ensure its quality. The low-acid medium roast coffee bean does not result in any stomach discomfort or dental problems, as some people do when they drink coffee.


  • It is organically produced without using any pesticide
  • Lifeboost provides 100% pure
  • Without adding any other coffee beans, only use Arabica beans.
  • Authentic and pure coffee flavors are highlighted by the hand-picked, sun-dried, and hand-roasted nature of this product.
  • It is gentle on the stomach because of the low acidity.


  • Slightly pricey

10. Waka Medium Roast Colombian Instant Coffee

Waka Medium Roast

While conventional instant coffee loses its benefits after being stored for a while, Waka uses cutting-edge technology that prolongs the ground without the use of any additives. Most importantly, Waka is the highest quality instant coffee because it uses Arabica beans from Colombia.


  • Using the most recent technology, coffee can be freeze-dried while retaining its flavor and aroma.
  • Without using any other types of coffee beans, Waka instant coffee is made entirely of Arabica beans.
  • The packaging can be resealed, keeping the coffee’s freshness intact.


  • Slightly pricey

11. Fabula Coffee Medium Roast

In order to preserve the coffee beans’ potent and distinctive flavors, the Fabula Medium roast uses beans that are balanced and rounded. Almonds, chocolate, and a smidge of fruit will all be discernible as background flavors.


  • Low acidity level
  • Easy to digest
  • Powerful aroma


  • Bitter

How To Make Good Coffee Using A French Press At Home?

The quick how-to provided below will help you brew delicious coffee; alternatively, you can visit this page to read the full article on French press coffee brewing.

You might want to look into the James Hoffmann method if you’re looking for a way to make French press coffee without getting sludge on the bottom of your cup.

Here’s how to make outstanding coffee with a French press at home in 6 easy steps:

1. Spoon Some Coarsely-ground Coffee Into Your French Press

Using coarsely-ground coffee beans with a French press is vital as the extraction process is longer, and coarser grounds prevent over-extraction and bitterness:

Contrary to finely ground coffee beans, coarse grounds do not frequently float back up when the plunger is depressed and land in the coffee cup.

2. Use The Correct Coffee To Water Ratio

The ideal coffee-to-water ratio is between 1:14 and 1:16 (or 2 to 2.5 oz/60 to 70g of coffee per 33 oz/liter of water).

Although this is a helpful guide, you can always add more or fewer coffee grounds if you prefer a weaker or stronger cup of joe.

3. Add Freshly Boiled Water To The Coffee Grounds

Wait about 35 seconds after adding freshly boiled water to your French press before gently stirring the coffee mixture to enhance coffee extraction.

Coffee is brewing when the coffee grounds have sunk to the bottom of the beaker.

4. Let Your Coffee Brew For Four Minutes

You must let your coffee brew for about four minutes in order to get the best flavor results from an ideal coffee extraction balance.

Notably, rushing or dragging out this step is both simple options. Just remember to keep an eye on the time, or even better, set a timer.

5. Gently Push The Plunger Down

When you’re satisfied that the coffee has brewed long enough, slowly and gently press the plunger into the beaker.

Avoid being too rough or quick as this can speed up the coffee extraction and produce too bitter coffee. The operation is done once the plunger touches the beaker’s bottom.

6. Pour Out The Coffee

It’s a good idea to pour your coffee out because it may still extract slightly and bring out more bitterness or sour notes, even though the majority of the coffee extraction has already occurred because the coffee and grounds have been separated.

Coffee is mostly water, so if the tap water in your area isn’t to your liking, you might want to use bottled water to ensure that your coffee is flavorful.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Coffee For French Press

After learning about the top ten coffees for the French press, we now need to understand the information we can rely on in order to purchase the best coffee for consumption. It’s a great and simple task to drink coffee. Before purchasing the coffee bean, it’s crucial to be aware of a few key points in order to choose the best French press coffee beans. Before purchasing French press coffee beans, keep the following fundamental information in mind.

1. Select Your Coffee Bean Type

Either arabica or Robusta beans are used to make a lot of different types of beans. According to popular belief, Arabica coffee beans are more expensive than Robusta coffee beans. The various bean varieties include light roast, dark roast, medium roast, and darker roast beans. You must choose your coffee beans based on the flavor you enjoy drinking.

2. Coffee Features

The most important thing to do before buying coffee is to examine its features.

You must be aware of a variety of features before selecting your beans. Some of these characteristics of the coffee include AA, Caffeine, and C.A.F.E.

The AA beans are the second-largest coffee beans on a Kenyan grading scale. Before making a purchase, you must next be aware of the amount of caffeine present in the beans.

3. Organic

Given the wide availability of beans today, it is crucial to ensure that the beans you are about to purchase are organic and free of any toxic substances. While consuming toxic substances now might taste good, doing so will harm your health in the long run.

4. Certified

Before making a purchase, look for the certified label on the package. It is possible to find uncertified coffee everywhere. As a result, you must look for the label designating the product as good and high quality.

5. Flavor

You need to choose your preferred flavor now that there are many flavors available in coffee beans. The different kinds of available flavors are Vanilla, cinnamon, hazelnut, Irish cream, and others that are produced by adding certain flavoring agents to the roasted coffee beans. Prior to making a purchase, you must choose a flavor that appeals to your taste buds.

6. Cost

It’s also important to look into the cost of the coffee. There are many coffee beans that can be found, some of which are more affordable and of higher quality, while others are more expensive and of lower quality. So, before making a purchase, the price must be considered.

What Is The Best Coffee For French Press?

According to our team of experts, the best French press coffee maker is the Bean Box Subscription, it has a good combination of affordability, style, and functionality. But when paired with great coffee, any of the French presses on our top nine list will produce a delectable brew.


Should I Drink French Press Coffee If I Have High Cholesterol?

Yes, French press coffee can raise your levels of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. This is so because a metal filter removes more coffee oils from the final cup than a paper filter does. However, since the effect is minimal, you shouldn’t be concerned unless you already have a problem with high cholesterol.

Does A French Press Allow The Use Of A Paper Filter?

In a French press, a paper filter is acceptable. A French press coffee brewed with a paper filter is a fantastic alternative if you prefer the deep flavor of an immersion brew without the oily mouthfeel of metal-filtered coffee. A different brewing tool that can achieve the same outcome is the Clever Dripper.


Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in not only identifying the best coffee for French presses but also comprehending why. If you remember nothing else, remember:

  • For a French press, whole beans perform better than pre-ground coffee.
  • If you don’t like extremely strong or intense coffee, light to medium roasts are best because French presses produce a more robust cup.
  • If you plan to make coffee with a French press and plan to add milk or cream, beans with nutty or chocolate flavor profiles are usually the best choices.